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Properly Brushing Your Dog

One part of dog grooming is brushing. Most dogs will gladly let you brush them and give them attention. Animals like to be clean and have a hard time managing their fur on their own. For that reason, it is part of the pet owner's responsibility to properly brush the animal's fur. This should be done at least once a week, but it is better if it is done two to three times per week.

Brushing should be done before you give your dog a bath or trim his hair. The goal of brushing is to remove any knots. When fur is not brushed, it will become matted, which pulls on the skin of the animal until he bites the entire thing off, leaving a patch of missing fur. This is painful for him. All it takes is a little time on your part.

First, get together the right tools. For those dogs that have a thick or long coat of fur, first use a comb with wider teeth to brush through it. If there is a knot, do not pull hard on it, but work it out slowly and gently. In some cases, you may need to cut them. You will also need a brush that has a denser amount of teeth to get down to the skin and to give a complete brushing. You should have a pair of scissors near by too.

Begin by sitting down with your dog near you. Talk encouragingly to the animal to let him know that you are not punishing them. You will want them to relax as well and a soothing voice can do wonders here. Once the animal is relaxed, begin with the wider toothed comb and work through the fur. You will want to insure that you cover the whole body, but start with the back. Do not push hard and always go in the direction of the fur to start. This will help it to feel more comfortable. From here, work your way around the animal. Repeat this with the smaller toothed brush afterwards.

In many cases, your dog will roll over and let you do his belly too. It feels good!

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