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What To Look For When Grooming Your Dog

When you are grooming your dog, you'll want to accomplish several things. You want to insure that the animal is clean as well as healthy. When you begin grooming your dog on a regular basis, you will quickly recognize things that may not be normal. Noticing these things before they become a problem can help you make sure that your animal is treated before it becomes more serious.

There are several things that are commonly found when grooming a pet. Be sure to take enough time grooming your dog to check for these things.

Fleas and Ticks
One of the biggest challenges with dogs is that they will somehow get fleas. These small creatures love the pet's body because it is warm, the fur protects them and they feed off of the animal too. With that said, you will want to make sure they are not on your dog. Don't wait until bath time to look. You will want to check your dog for these conditions each time that you brush him. Look for black or brown markings on the animal. You may find black or brown specs in his fur as well. Make sure to check the ears and near the legs as well. Should your pet have any signs of fleas, ticks or mites make sure to get him to the vet as soon as possible. These can quickly breed and spread throughout your home.

Many dogs get hurt each day, and you don't necessarily know it unless you're looking for it. But, just like people, pet wounds need to be treated as they can become infected. If your dog has anything like a scratch, a cut or a sore, you will want to have him treated. These are commonly infectious wounds. Check with your vet for the proper medications to put on the wound. In many cases, the animal will just pull off any bandage that you put on them. Medications that can make your pet sick if they lick them should not be used either.

Other things to look for when grooming your dog include sore muscles, lumps and bumps that are not normal and eye, ear and teeth health.

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