dog grooming technique

Dog Grooming Technique

Dog Grooming Ins And Outs

Dog grooming may sound simple, but it is more involved than just washing and drying your canine friend. There are some important health benefits that can be obtained by either learning the proper techniques or visiting a professional dog groomer on a regular basis. Not only do you address their fur but you also address their paws, ears, and other important senses.

Dog grooming as it pertains to the ears involves periodic cleanings and inspections. Your veterinarian or dog groomer will recommend a saline solution or similar product to help dissolve excess earwax. Make sure you learn the proper techniques before trying this to avoid injuries to their sensitive eardrums. Your vet will show you how to do it and what to look for, especially if your dog has longer hair. These dogs are more prone to ear infections than their short-haired counterparts.

When grooming your dog you will want to inspect their paws thoroughly. Look for any cuts or swollen areas that may indicate an injury has occured. If you find anything contact your veterinarian immediately to help avoid infections or other problems that can occur. And if all looks good, get a good set of dog nail clippers and trim their nails. Use a similar technique to what you do for yourself and avoid taking too much nail off.

If you ever noticed your dog dragging his behind across the floor you should take him to a professional groomer. He is trying to release some fluid buildup in small sacs located under his tail. Groomers can clean or express your dogs anal glands which will give your canine family member some much needed relief. This type of dog grooming should definitely be left up to the professionals.

Just like with your own body, periodic grooming is necessary to keep your dog healthy. You can do some of the basics yourself especially with a little education. There are many books out there that go into precise details. You should also have your dog visit a professional groomer at least once per year for a good once over. Doing this can go a long way towards him living a happy and healthy life.

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