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One of the most difficult aspects for those that are dog owners is pet grooming. Let's face it. Dogs really do not want to get wet. So, how can you give your pet a bath without making him angry at you? Or, worse, covering the entire area with water? There are some things that you can do that will actually help you to get a better result. Here are some tips to consider.

Tip One: Encourage your dog to swim. If you have a swimming pool or you take your pet to the beach, encourage him to get into the water and swim. Once they get over the fear, they will enjoy being wet. Then, the bath will not be so challenging. Of course, you should never throw a dog into the water and he should never be forced into any of these situations.

Tip Two: Your behavior matters. If you are trying to give your dog a bath and he is fighting you, if you begin to fray and fight it, he is not going to cooperate with you at all. Instead, talk soothingly and calmly to your animal. Encourage him to relax and say reassuring things like "good boy" and "good job" as these will show him that he is not being harmed as well as that he is behaving right. Once you begin to settle your dog through soothing language, he is likely to sit and relax while you wash him.

Tip Three: Make it relaxing. Your dog grooming should be comfortable to him. If you yank on his hair and scrub too hard, it will hurt. No one wants to be where they will be hurt. Instead, gently wash his fur, down to the skin and rinse him off, making sure to keep the water out of his eyes. Rinse the face last. Dogs enjoy being massaged and petted and this is what it will feel like in a proper bath.

Bathing your dog does not have to be a chore. If he really refuses, take him to the professionals. You can even stay to see how they get your dog to listen and behave during a bath. It is a necessary thing to do to your pet, but it doesn't have to be a struggle.

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