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Dog Grooming Tools

What You Need In Your Dog Grooming Tool Kit

Dog grooming is more than just giving your animal a bath. It's about caring for his body, his fur and his health. When you properly groom your animal, you will notice when there are spots on him that look out of the ordinary. You will notice right away if he has ticks, fleas or wounds and get them taken care of right away. Pets just cannot vocalize their needs. Grooming your dog is the best way to care for him.

There are some tools that you'll want to have with you when you begin to ready your dog for his grooming.

  • Brushes.
    You will want to look for a specific type brush for your dog. Look for pin brushes that have a metal comb and wider spaces between them. This is ideal for those pets that have thicker hair or mats. Once this type of brush is run through the pet's hair, you'll want to then use a slicker brush. These are usually shorter and may be bent at the end. Because the spaces are closer together, it gives a more complete comb through.

  • Combs.
    For combs, you'll want to again look at the distance between the pins. Those that are closer together will give the best comb through, but it is also important for you to insure that knots or matted hair is brushed through completely before you use a thin comb.

  • Nail Clippers.
    Look for a good quality pet nail clipper that will give a clean cut. Use styptic powder to stop bleeds, if necessary. Make sure to get training on how to cut nails from your vet before doing it yourself.

  • Clippers.
    If you will be cutting the animals fur, you should look for a good quality clipper. These can be purchased at any pet store. Look for the right size blade. Remember that the size that the blade is determines just how close the cut will be. You may want to purchase several.

Most of the tools that you need to give your dog proper grooming are available right at your local pet supply store. You can also find them available on the web. In any case, you will want to purchase high quality products that will last you quite a while. Keep them in good shape, cleaning and sanitizing them after each use as directed by the manufacturer.

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