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Making the Doggie World a Better Place – The Benefits of Spraying or Neutering Your Pet

By Niall Cinneide

Unfortunately, the world has too many dogs in it. There are simply not enough homes for the amount of dogs that are available. One way to drastically lower the amount of animals that will die of starvation and disease is to make sure that your pets are sprayed or neutered. Spraying is the removing of the ovaries from a female dog. A neutering for a male dog is the removal of his testicles.

There are many myths about spraying and neutering that leave people with the idea that this can somehow be bad for their animal. Here are some things that you should realize.

Untrue: A dog that is sprayed or neutered will become lazy and then fat.
Fact: The only thing that factors into the dog’s weight is whether or not you provide them with the amount of exercise that they need as well as the right amount of food. Removal of these organs plays no role.

Untrue: Some think that dogs should have a litter of puppies before being sprayed.
Fact: If a dog is sprayed before she goes into heat, she is often healthier. Dogs that have just one litter have an increased risk of cancer later in life.

Untrue: It is cruel to do this!
Fact: Animals that are sprayed and neutered will have a lower risk of cancer later in life of the reproductive organs. If this happens when they are puppies, they will recover faster and need less pain medication.

Untrue: The dog is not as protective anymore.
Fact: Your animal is less likely to roam the neighborhood looking for a mate. The fact is that without these hormones, you can better control your animal. But, that does not mean that he will not want to protect his own. He will. One has nothing to do with the other.

Untrue: Children who see a dog give birth are being educated.
Fact: When a female is ready to birth, she will likely seek out a quiet, secluded area to do it in. So, more than likely, they will not witness it. Also, some children can experience negative effects, even traumatic feelings when they have to give up a puppy that they have bonded with for the last two months.

Untrue: It’s too expensive.
Fact: The larger the dog, the more anesthesia that is needed. To help cut down the costs, look to your local humane society and even animal welfare groups for help. They offer low cost alternatives to seeking out a private practice physician.

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