Springer Spaniel Life Span

Springer Spaniel Life Span

English Springer SpanielWhile the average life span for the Springer Spaniel is 10 to 15 yrs., there are several components that can ultimately determine the life span of your dog including diet, exercise, grooming, and genetic factors.

Your dogs diet is important as many of the commercial pet foods given to our pets are nutritionally inadequate, and that many deficiency diseases are the direct result of poor feeding. Like humans, dogs need the right combination of the basic food groups in order to have a healthy life span.

Another important factor in your dogs health is keeping his weight at a healthy level. Studies have shown that dogs that lead a sedentary life are significantly more susceptible to illnesses and medical problems when compared to active dogs. As part of your dog health care program take your dog out for some jogging or play fetch with him and participate in some activities where he gets a chance to run.

Dog grooming is important to the health of your dog for his entire life span. Washing, combing, brushing, checking ears, paws, teeth and underside, nail trimming, removing dog fleas and insects, and having regular visits to the vet are all important activities that a dog owner should undertake.

Dogs are just as prone to falling prey to illnesses as humans and there are hundreds of disease types that can affect them, which is why you need a good supporting veterinarian whom to turn to for proper dog health advice, and from whom to also get the best treatment administered to your pet in case he falls ill or becomes injured. You can also help to keep your English Springer Spaniel healthy by educating yourself about any health problems that he could have and keep track of what your vet diagnoses. If your vet tells you something is wrong with your Springer, you should know a little bit about what he tells you, and what you can do to help take care of the problem.

It's a good idea to not let your pet insurance lapse as your dog ages. Most insurance companies have an age cut-off beyond which they will not accept new policies. Generally, this is around 8-years-old for small breed dogs. If you have a decent policy, hangon to it.

If you take care of your dog and keep him healthy, he will live a lot longer. You should always strive to keep your dog healthy, so he can live a pain free life. As long as you feed him a proper diet and let him get plenty of exercise, he will stay strong and healthy. English Springer Spaniels that grow to be strong and healthy make great pets, as they can join you in exercise and provide plenty of fun for your entire family.

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CHC advocates real food for dogs. That is, food that Mother Nature has designed, over millions of years, and which has made the species thrive for millions of years.

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