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English Springer Spaniel Club

The English Springer Spaniel Club -
The English Springer Spaniel Club was established in 1921 in the United Kingdom and is known as the 'Parent' Club of the Breed. It is the first port of call for The Kennel Club on all matters related to the English Springer Spaniel.

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English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association
Welcome to the ESSFTA web site. The ESSFTA is comprised of and dedicated to people who love English Springer Spaniels. This web site aims to provide you with current and accurate information about this wonderful, versatile breed.

Meadowdale Gundogs, GSP's & ESS's work and show
We are a small kennel based in Essex, having an interest in showing and working gundogs. Specialising in English Springer Spaniels (ESS), German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP), and Labradors Retrievers. Many years ago our kennel consisted of mainly the 'working type' of English Springer and Labradors. But over the years have introduced German Shorthaired Pointers who are a truly 'dual purpose' gundog and the 'show type' English Springer Spaniel.

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English Springer Spaniel Rescue of Long Island
Would you like to own a puppy? Often prospective dog-owners are drawn in by the "cuteness" of a puppy, not realizing all the work that accompanies puppy ownership. The time and energy needed for cleaning up messes, obedience training, housebreaking, exercising, etc. can sometimes overwhelm even the most patient dog owner. Many of our adoptive families have realized the wisdom of adopting an older dog.

Chattahoochee English Springer Spaniel Club
The ultimate goal of the membership of CESSCGA, Inc. is to perfect the breed. Accomplishing this goal requires a dedication of purpose and a commitment by current and future members of CESSCGA, Inc The ESSFTA (English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association) has published GUIDELINES FOR RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS OF ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIELS.

Shore English Springer Spaniels and French Bulldogs"
English Springer Spaniels and French Bulldogs breeding for show, obedience, agility, hunting, and wonderful family pets. We only breed English Springer Spaniels whose hips are OFA certified, eyes cerfed and are playful and loving pets and/or show dogs. Our dogs do a lot of pet therapy work, square dance for the seniors, and are about to start agility. Our dogs also enjoy long walks along the ocean, swimming, retrieving, and curling up in front of the TV, preferably on Mom's lap.

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Looking for a English Springer Spaniel club? Look no further than the Canine Today

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Buying Dogs From a Breeder
When buying a dog from a breeder there are many pitfalls to watch out for. Below is list of items that will help guide you in your decision.

Are You Thinking About Breeding English Springer Spaniels?
If you are thinking about starting breeding English Springer Spaniels, you should take it very seriously. The main motive behind dog breeding should not be commercial but the well being of the breed and you should commit yourself to the improvement of the English Springer Spaniel breed.

Get Your English Springer Spaniel From A Good, Responsible Dog Breeder
It is very important that you get your dog from a responsible and good dog breeder. English Springer Spaniels have standard characteristics and a good breeder ensures that these characteristics are maintained in their dogs.

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