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Enjoying English Springer Spaniel Puppies

English Springer Spaniel puppies are a joy to watch as they grow because these little bundles of fur are very brave as they learn about the world around them and if a puppy is allowed to stay with its mother long enough, your puppy will be ready to face its new home. English Springer Spaniel puppies are easy to love because of their intelligence and their ease with training.

Good Breeders Socialize Their Puppies
English Springer Spaniel puppies can begin introductory socialization with humans at three weeks by gentle massage from head to toe and from being given new toys with different textures or activities by their breeders to ensure that the puppies are socialized before they are sent out for adoption. If puppies can hear the sounds of daily life, this will lessen their people and the noises of daily life.

Training Your Puppy
Most training can begin at seven weeks and some people say that it should begin as late as six months. Since a puppy's biting instinct begins earlier than six months, it is good to begin training your English Springer Spaniel puppy as soon as possible to avoid biting incidents as it grows older.

If your English Springer Spaniel puppy is overaggressive, you must not delay training. If your puppy is overly aggressive and the situation seems unmanageable then you may have to remove the puppy from your home. To avoid this situation, make sure that the puppy has received socialization training before you bring it home and continue to provide socialization training to your puppy at home.

Harness And Leash
You should train your puppy with a leash so that you can control your puppy on its daily walks as it grows. You should use a harness instead of a collar that can tug at the puppy's neck although you can use a collar to ID your puppy. Training your puppy with a harness will allow you to begin a daily exercise program with your puppy. Never tug or otherwise create bad memories for the puppy that are associated with the harness or leash.

Crate Training
If you provide crate training to your English Springer Spaniel pup, you will have a safe napping space for the puppy that the puppy can associate with periods of time out. Just do not let the puppy feel neglected or bored in the crate or else the puppy will not want to back into the crate. Put your puppies favorite treats or toys in the crate as part of its crate training as soon as you get your puppy.

When you incorporate socialization techniques, training and crate training into the life of your puppy, you will realize why English Springer Spaniel puppies are such a treasure to watch as they grow. English Springer Spaniel puppies are a handful but with the right preparation, your puppy will grow into a splendid addition to your household.

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