English Springer Spaniel Puppy

English Springer Spaniel Puppy

The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized sporting dog with a docked tail. There are several acceptable color combinations: Springers may be black or liver with white markings or predominately white with black or liver markings; tricolor (black and white or liver and white with tan markings - usually found on eyebrows, cheeks, insides of ears and under tail); blue or liver roan. Any white portions of the coat may be flecked with ticking.

The purpose of the breed was to serve as a hunting dog. Before guns were used to shoot game, the land spaniel would "spring" - or flush - the gamebird into the air where a trained falcon or hawk would bring it to the handler.

How I Found my English Springer Spaniel Puppy
I began my search for an English Springer Spaniel puppy in January, 2005.

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