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How much should I feed my dog?

Many people will give different answers to this question based on their experience with their dogs. However, the scientific facts related to feeding dogs need to be considered.

Usually the puppies should not be separated before they are eight weeks old. Usually about five percent of the body weight may be taken as criteria for the quantity of food to be given to the puppies.

As a rule of thumb in feeding the puppy goes until you see visible fullness of the abdomen to a moderate degree. If you are feeding the animal without giving emphasis to the animal’s stomach appearance, then the puppy may experience some kinds of digestive upset and diarrhea may occur.

Unlike adult dogs, puppies need to be fed with restricted amounts of food but more frequently. As the puppy gets older, the amount may be increased to some extent and the frequency of feeding decreased.

A dog on a raw diet may consume only two to four percent of their body weight. Just observe closely the feeding pattern of the dog and the body condition of the animal. If the dog becomes obese, just reduce the quantity of food and if the dog becomes thin, then increase the amount of food.

As mentioned before, puppies and adolescent dogs eat more than the adult dogs. Likewise the geriatric dog eats less than the adult dog due to the reduced movements of the dog. However, remember to restrict the amounts of protein in the diet of aged dogs.

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Puppies need greater amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates than an adult dog. Furthermore, puppies need more frequent feeding schedules in a day, unlike an adult dog.

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