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Gifts for Dogs & Dog Owners
Gifts Will That Will Be Loved & Appreciated

If you know someone who has a dog, then you will find buying them a gift for their favourite companion will go down well. If you are a dog owner then hey - their part of the family so dont let them feel left out.

Here are some great gift ideas most are not expensive but they will certainly be appreciated.

Gifts For Dogs

There are many ways to make your dog feel part of the festive season.

Its always a great time of year to buy them a coat, new basket or as a special treat make sure they have some dog cookies.

There are plenty of nutritious dog treats and many suppliers who provide a huge variety that your dog will enjoy.

Its a tasty treat and a perfect gift for dogs and most are nutritious to!

Gifts for dog owners

As we all know most dog owners love their dogs, so why not give them a present for birthday or Christmas that will be related to their special friend?

They will appreciate the gesture and there are many to choose from including:

Christmas and birthday cards

With a message from a four legged friend to touch their owners hearts with joy.


Another inexpensive gift but one that will be appreciated.

There are many that are beautiful illustrated and are a constant reminder to their owner throughout the year of a wonderful companion and friend.


These can be either about the breed and include beautiful pictures, tips on training health etc or they can be stories with dogs as the main characters.

The latter are particularly loved by children.

What better gift for a child that a story to remind them of their special friend?

There are many great stories about dogs and their adventures and many of them are true and show unswerving devotion, love, bravery and loyalty.

Who wasnt touched by stories of Lassie or 101 Dalmatians as child?

In fact, many people still love these stories as adults - as stories of animals can sometimes touch us more than stories with people.

A gift that will be appreciated

So, if you want to treat your pet, or you know someone who has a treasured companion, the above are just a few of the gifts you can give them that will make any dog or owner feel appreciated.


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Article written by sacha tarkovsky

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