Springer Spaniel Puppy

How I Found my English Springer Spaniel Puppy

I began my search for an English Springer Spaniel puppy in January, 2005. I first researched web sites I found online and identified breeders in my region. I next began contacting breeders, starting with local ones and then moving out to nearby states. I also started compiling references from those I spoke with in the hopes of finding another breeder I could work with.

It seemed like everyone I contacted did not currently have a litter of English Springer Spaniel puppies but said they would contact me later when they did. I asked that they put me on their waiting list and continued my search.

Eventually, I did find a breeder in an adjoining state, about 4 hours away, that did have a litter that would be available in several weeks. He sent pictures of the puppies and relevant paperwork regarding their AKC registration and health records. I was within days of traveling to that location to see the puppies when I received a phone call from the Kansas Humane Society.

Apparently they had acquired a single female English Springer Spaniel puppy that was available for adoption. There were no papers on this dog and no medical history, but I felt fortunate to be able to rescue a purebred English Springer Spaniel.

I brought Trixie home in February.


10 week old Trixie

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