English Springer Spaniel Rescue

English Springer Spaniel Rescue

There are many sound and practical reasons to adopt a rescued Springer:

  • The dog may already be housetrained. Even adult dogs, with little experience living inside a home, are surprisingly easy to train.
  • Older dogs enjoy playing with toys and learning new games.
  • Unless they are puppies, dogs are their full size when they are adopted.
  • Rehomed dogs are eager to learn the ways of their new home.
  • With careful screening, our organization helps find the best match possible for your household.
  • The dog's shots are current, and they are spayed or neutered.

What a English Springer Spaniel Rescue is All About
The main objectives are to take in English Springer Spaniels whose owners can no longer care for them for one reason or another, and to find them new homes that will be loving, stable and a responsible place to curl up.

Top 10 Reasons - Why People Throw Dogs Away
The sad facts are, each and every year people just throw their dogs away like last seasons fashions. We see hundreds of thousands of dogs arrive at animal rescue shelters, because their owners are no longer able or prepared to take the necessary steps to take care of them.

Rescue A Life By Taking A Stray Dog In
Giving home to a homeless is among the most noble things, a man is capable of doing. A stray dog who scavenges to eat and lives at the crumbs thrown by others is not a pretty sight for most of us, and thats the reason why most of us have entertained the thought of bringing a stray dog home at some point of time in our lives.

Why a Rescue Dog May Save Your Life
The day that you visit a dog shelter or dog rescue and make the decision to bring a new dog home may well be the day that you save two lives, the dogs and your own!

Pursuing the Perfect Dog Shelter
Anyone who has visited a dog shelter or dog pound may well have become concerned as to the condition of the dogs in the facility, the conditions the dogs are living in and the administration of the dog shelter.

Dog Rescue From Neglectful and Sometimes Abusive Pet Owners
There are some instances where dogs need to be taken away from their owners as these people have proved to be neglectful and sometimes abusive pet owners.

Dog Rescue Groups that Give Valuable Alternative to Euthanizing Unwanted Dogs
Dog rescue groups are designed primarily to rescue any breed of dog that is being abused by their owners. The various dog rescue groups can legally go into a house and take any dog out that is being mistreated. In addition to rescuing dogs from abusive owners dog rescue groups will also recover the various dogs that are at the overcrowded pounds.

Shelter Dog - How Did He Get Here?
An abandoned dog may be in the dog shelter for any number of reasons. He may be a rescued dog, delivered from some great tragedy or depravity. But dont overlook the reality that some dogs are abandoned simply because they were bad ones with psychological, emotional, or treatment-induced bad dog behaviors and obsessive dog behaviors that the previous owners could not handle.

Rescued Dogs Make Great Family Pets
Whether you are considering becoming a first time dog owner or adding a new canine member to your household, consider a breed-based rescue organization as a great source for your new pet.

Dog Rescue: How You Can Make A Difference
A rescue consist of a group that helps to rescue dogs that have been mistreated or that are homeless. These dogs have usually done nothing wrong other than being homeless or having been unlucky to land with a mistreating owner.

Dog Rescues & Shelters
For those families that would like to get a dog that already has basic training, is housebroken, and also is spayed or neutered a dog from a rescue is a perfect option.

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