Top 10 Reasons - Why People Throw Dogs Away

Top 10 Reasons - Why People Throw Dogs Away

by Tom Selwyn

The sad facts are, each and every year people just throw their dogs away like last seasons fashions. We see hundreds of thousands of dogs arrive at animal rescue shelters, because their owners are no longer able or prepared to take the necessary steps to take care of them.

Statistics say that approximately 25 percent are unwanted presents, another 25 percent have behavioral problems and the rest are given up for domestic or other reasons.

Heres the top 10 reasons why pooches end up in the dog house.

1. The breed was that years MUST HAVE accessory, a little bit of Paris Hilton syndrome or the 101 Dalmatians fad.

2. I just couldnt resist him in the shop window, so little, cute and fluffy - but he didnt stay that way for long.

3. Due to lack of training, the dog became aggressive, destructive and totally uncontrollable.

4. Dog was purchased on impulse. Buy first think later, usually being pressured by children then realising the level of COMMITMENT required.

5. The dog was left alone for long periods consequently barking and upsetting the neighbours and becoming aggressive, destructive and uncontrollable.

6. Old age and no longer being able to physically cope with the demands of dog ownership.

7. Lets face it owning a dog is not cheap nowadays - feeding, veterinary treatments, worming, boarding cost when your on holidays can really stretch the purse strings.

8. Seperations of couples and no one wants the dog.

9. When young families have a new arrival and the responsibility and expense become too much.

10. Owners move to a new apartment with a no pet rule.

In all fairness there are valid reasons that people have when having to part with their dogs but the trend that seems to be shining through is that people have to realise when purchasing a dog is a responibility thats on going. Its not like buying lip gloss, if you dont like it you can change it or throw it away. Remember dogs can make great companions and life time friends and like any friend you should take good care of them. All the best from the family at Phoopups and keep those tails wagging.

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