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How to Stop Bad Dog Behaviors

Many families take a lot of joy out of having a pet. Dogs are often viewed as the ideal pet because you can interact so much with them. You can teach a dog tricks, take it for a walk, and it will always be a loyal companion. Some dogs like to test their owner’s patience by acting out. This may be in the form of barking non-stop, biting things around the house, or digging holes in the back yard. No pet owner wants to have to deal with bad dog behaviors like this. It’s not only frustrating, but it’s time consuming as well, if you don’t know how to effectively correct the problem.

Adopting an animal when it is very young usually helps to initiate a lasting bond. Once a small puppy is taken from its mother, it relies on its owner for direction. It is at this stage that you want to start reinforcing certain things. One of the most troublesome bad dog behaviors is playing with items the animal shouldn’t be. Typically this is slippers, or small kids’ toys, it can even be expensive purses or shoes. The dog has no idea what is and isn’t a toy, so it just assumes everything is. The owner should be mindful of what it left within the dog’s reach and if he or she notices the dog picking up something it shouldn’t be, a firm “no” always helps. Repetition is often necessary to ensure the dog understands the rule and to correct this type of dog behavior problems.

Accidents in the home sometimes occur and if they aren’t dealt with swiftly, the problem can be a persistent one. Many puppies relieve themselves wherever and whenever the mood strikes them. This is one of the bad dog behaviors that can really impact your life. It’s important for the owner to take the dog outside at regular intervals when it is young so it becomes accustomed to not going inside the house. If that’s not possible, you can paper train the dog, which is also very helpful.

Biting is another issue that some dog owners find themselves facing. Typically it’s not that the dog is meaning to bite anyone. It’s more that the dog is playing and nips at the person. This is especially troubling if you have young children in the home. Correcting bad dog behaviors like this is really important. You don’t want to end up having a dog that bites people who are at your home visiting. This could have very serious results so you need to work with the dog, by scolding it when it does attempt to play in this fashion.

It’s so nice to have a pet for the entire family to enjoy. With a little work and commitment you can train your dog to be a wonderful and loving companion for years to come. Dog behavior problems can always be corrected if you take the right approach.

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