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A Man’s Best Friend

Love, Companionship, Faithfulness and more.

Owning a dog is a wonderful experience and has added so much quality to my life.
They will give you so much unconditional love and brighten each and every day.

In exchange for some care and attention, a dog will provide years of faithful companionship and unconditional love.

However, owning a dog requires responsibility and commitment from the owner. Understanding these responsibilities is essential and it’s very important to think about whether you are willing to commit the time, effort and expense required for its proper care.

Responsible dog owners understand that proper nutrition, socialization, training, veterinary care, regular exercise and love and understanding are all necessary elements to pet ownership.

After providing years of “purpose” in providing the best for your furry buddy, those of you who are pet lovers yourselves know the difficulty to lose your friend. They are beloved members of the family and parting with them is as difficult as parting with a human family member.

This blog is dedicated as a remembrance of the dogs I’ve owned as an adult. 
And especially dedicated to Trixie, my 16 year old English Springer Spaniel whom recently passed away.

Come back again soon as I will be sharing more memories and lessons learned from my furry buddies.

May all our loving friends rest in peace.

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