Throughout my childhood, we always seemed to have a dog around. 

I remember when I was really young we had a German Shepherd that really intimidated me.  He was so large and strong and quite honestly, I was afraid of him.  In my growing years we had many other dogs and I’ve always enjoyed having them around.  Becoming an adult and leaving home, dog ownership seemed to disappear.  Perhaps it was because I never lived in a place that would allow a dog or I was too independent and care-free, I didn’t own one again for many years. 

Then on my birthday, my sister Janet gifted me a puppy from the Humane Society. I remember being at the shelter looking at different pups and one sorta stood out… or should I say stood forward.  This little puppy excitedly ran across the room to me as if he knew I was to be his owner and would be taking him to his forever home.  He was right.

He was a mixed breed that included Springer Spaniel and I named him, Trooper. 

My sense with this dog was he would be a “good trooper” through hardship of difficulty. The word, Trooper originates from the designation given to soldiers and police officers, who are also no strangers to difficult conditions in the line of duty.  Trooper lived up to his name and was a good trooper right up to the end.
We never did any formal training and it was enough for me to get him house broken.